began her professional career as a clinical psychologist. Though geared toward academics, Jennifer also had culinary arts in her blood. She fondly remembers her mother and grandmothers creating a variety of masterpieces in the family's kitchen. Intrigued by the food industry, Jennifer decided to switch careers and go full-time into the bakery business. In July 1996, she opened Magnolia Bakery in New York City's Greenwich Village, where she and her business partner sold cookies, pies, mini-cheesecakes and other delectable treats. In August 1999, Jennifer ventured out on her own to open Buttercup Bake Shop in midtown Manhattan. Since its opening, the bakery has experienced outstanding success with its line of old fashioned American desserts and inviting ambiance. Buttercup Bake Shop launched a second store on the Upper West Side in 2006. Jennifer has appeared on The Today Show several times, and Buttercup Bake Shop has been featured on MTV, Fox, CNN and more, as well as in the romantic novel A Match Made on Madison by Dee Davis. Jennifer is the author of several books including The Buttercup Bakeshop Cookbook, Buttercup Bakes at Home, and co-author of The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook.

has been called a jack-of-all-trades and a multi-tasker. He has worked as studio assistant for Jeff Koons, art director for Ogilvy and Mather, and a designer for Karim Rashid. In 2001, he started his own design studio. He designs everything from furniture to tchotchkes to interiors and he works in a multitude mediums. Jason’s designs often draw on everyday aspects of American culture to create contemporary design objects that could just as easily be conceptual art. Jason has had solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Milan, Istanbul, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Toronto. He has been featured in countless publications ranging from Wallpaper to The Wall Street Journal. In 2005 Jason received the Bombay Sapphire “Rising Star Award”. In 2007 Jason was named “Best Breakthrough Designer” by Wallpaper magazine. included him in their list of 2007 “Tastemakers.” Jason’s work is in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

currently lives in Brooklyn, NY where she is constantly engaged in various independent projects that may or may not involve video, sculpture, drawing, or eating. She also works and teaches in various studios around the city with glassblowers and artists. At any given moment, she can be found eating or cooking something experimental and/or cheap. Thu is also host of Food Party, a mind-bending, non-reality cooking show with a cast of unruly puppets as culinary aides and a cavalcade of fictitious celebrities as surprise dinner guests. Shot on location in a technicolor cardboard kitchen as well as other foreign and exotic cardboard locations, each episode will or will not instruct you on how to prepare wild gourmet multi-course meals with ingredients you probably have on hand in your kitchen already, such as pretzel rods, eggs, narwhal lungs, bizarre plot twists, secret ingredients, and pizza. After all, you never know who might show up for dinner. Thu and Food Party have been featured in Paper Magazine, New York Magazine, Gothamist, the Food Network Blog, and The New York Times, among others. Food Party is part of the Independent Film Channel’s 2009-2010 television line-up.

is a conceptual designer who explores the intersection of art, design and contemporary culture with a critical yet playful eye. Often working through reappropriation, his designs have been widely published and are included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. In addition to projects for Cappellini, Prada/OMA and others, he has organized or co-organized high-profile pop-up stores including Terminal 5 in the landmark TWA Terminal at JFK airport (2004); Colette Meets Comme des Garcons (Paris and Tokyo, 2004); the Wrong Store (New York, 2007); Colette X Gap (New York, 2008). In addition, Wong has earned recognition as one of Forbes magazine's “Top Tastemakers” and as “Young Designer” of the Year by both Wallpaper magazine and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. He currently serves as Creative Director for 100% Design Shanghai (sister fair of 100% Design London and Tokyo).



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